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Comment bien choisir le nom de son chien ? Surnoms pour les chiens ! 2023

    We do not choose the name of his dog by chance, certain criteria must be respected according to the specificities of your four-legged friend. Here are some tips on the matter.

    The choice of the name of a pet , and in this case a dog, is not trivial. It is indeed of capital importance for his future education . Once your dog’s name is determined, it will be difficult to backtrack. So, how to choose the right name for your dog and not make a mistake?

    choose your dog's name

    Choose a short and audible name

    Two-syllable names made up of fairly loud sounds are a great choice. They make it easier for the dog to understand. The faster the dog learns his name , the more he will be able to interact with his master and obey commands.

    A name that corresponds to the personality and specificities of your dog

    The name of a dog can correspond (or not) to its character or to its physique. This is of course up to the master to decide. The legislation in terms of first names is not as strict as for those of babies, fortunately! The important thing is not to deprive yourself and to please yourself and your dog.

    If your dog hears that you’re happy to say his name , he’ll be more than happy to obey you or answer your calls . On the other hand, if the name chosen puts you off, you can be sure that your animal will realize it…

    The special case of pedigree dog names

    LOF ( Book of Official Stud ) dogs must have a name that begins with the letter that is associated with their year of birth . For example, in 2017, the letter chosen was the letter N. Purebred dogs born this year therefore had to have a name that began with this letter (Nala, Ninja, Nino…). In 2018, the letter O replaced the letter N. And so on.

    These regulations have been put in place to facilitate the reading of the classification of dogs registered in the LOF. If your dog is a purebred , you will have to respect these designation criteria. This does not mean saying goodbye to your creativity!

    Nicknames for dogs

    Some examples of original dog names

    Depending on the breed of your dog , its size, its character or the color of its coat, here are some examples of first names for original dogs:

    • For a spotted Dalmatian-type dog : Patch, Rolly, Penny, Lucky, Pepper, Black, Sergent Pepper, Poivre…
    • A small dog : Pongo, Volt, Rooky, Rox, Percy, Max, Toby, Doug, Buddy, Tito, Pedro, Napoleon, Spoke, Cookie…
    • An exotic dog breed like the shih tzu: Lion, Sultan, Rita, Peg, Fuji, Sushi, Pucca, Puky, Reine, Kitty…
    • For a big dog : Chef, Butch, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Boris, Bull, Colonel…

    Be sure to take into consideration the particularities of your dog and your own relationship to his first name. Happy adopting!

    And you, what are your favorite dog names? What did you name your pet? Share your opinion and experience with us in the comments!


    Nicknames for girls dogs with meaning

    girls dogs

    We decided to start our selection from wonderful nicknames with meaning for girls. Dogs are always very cute and beautiful, so every owner wants to call their dog a beautiful name, and that also has a certain meaning.


    Name Meaning
    Ebby joy, rejoice
    AJ abbreviation
    Adam programming language, particularly suitable for persistent applications
    Addy Adeline shape
    Adelaide the city and capital of South Australia, Australia
    Adeline ADELINE version using popular name suffix lyn
    Agatha from the Greek word meaning “great”
    Agnes Roman catholic holy child
    Alexis from the Greek word meaning “partner”
    Alice town in southern Texas, popular film heroine
    Cecile pure heart
    Amari the meaning is uncertain, possibly with Arabic AMMAR.
    Amber yellow stone
    Amelia congenital absence of at least one appendage
    emmi Great love, love everyone
    Angel Well-bred, very good
    Angelic Like an angel
    yenji angel shape
    Anna mercy or grace
    annabelle scary doll
    Jenny graceful, also game
    anya Russian version of ANNA.
    Ariel celestial singer; Disney Star – The Little Mermaid
    Yeshli ash peeling
    Asia land bounded by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific and Indian oceans
    Athena maiden deity of the ancient Greeks, goddess of insight, wealth
    Aubrey English collector
    Otem season
    Everi advice, wise
    Azalea flower type
    Azzurra italian blue
    Babe child or grandchild
    Bailey sweet little girl
    Baby Deer Child Recognizable Name
    bella Italian beauty
    bertha a neckline, as in the trim that is worn over the shoulders of women, like on the stomach or a dress with a wide neckline
    Besie adaptation of Elizabeth
    Betty Suitable for dark color dog
    B’yanka Suitable for white color dog
    bowl Wilhelm’s version
    Bindi popular in india
    Beards little bird, also golf
    Blair English political pioneer: Executive power 1997-2007
    blonde blonde or yellow form
    To bloom the color of a plant, especially a plant that creates a delicious natural product
    bonny from a Latin word meaning “great”
    Brandy a soul purified from wine or the ripened juice of grapes or apples, peaches, plums, etc.
    Brie cheerful
    Briel short version of Gabrielle
    brooklyn New York area, on Long Island
    Brownies brown form
    Bryn Brian’s Version
    Bubbles Cheerful personality
    buffy famous movie character
    Buttercup yellow flower
    Button A type of clothing, often used for small and cute breeds
    Kelly a version of Caroline, or sometimes names beginning with Cal
    Cameron popular english name
    Camilla Royalty name
    Kami fast; great innocence
    kendt full of energy, gentle
    carl Adaptation in Carolina
    Carly free and enjoyable
    Carmen Ciudad del Carmen.
    carolina former English province on the Atlantic coast of North America: officially separated from North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729.
    Casey from the Irish word meaning “brave”
    Cassie unsupervised, strong willed
    Chanel French style architect
    charlie a word used in exchange points to speak with precision
    Charlotte Pastries of a wide range served hot or cold and are usually made by fixing the shape with a pie or bread and filling it with a natural product, whipped cream, pastry cream or gelatin
    Dear My dear; Honey: Used for Hint for husband
    Darling a product of any of several trees found with the Cherry variety, of the rose family, consisting of a thick globular stone containing a smooth single-seeded stone
    Cheyenne a Native American North American individual from the western fields, formerly in homes of Minnesota and North and South Dakota, and now separated between Montana and Oklahoma
    Chica Francis version
    Chloe green paillon
    Cinnamon Spice type, yellowish brown
    Clara from a Latin word meaning “clear, wonderful”
    Clarice Adapted by Clara
    Clementine A small sweet assortment of tangerines with orange-red skin.
    Cleo (speedy vid Cleopatra) glory
    coconut chocolate or brown
    Courtney short
    Crystal a simple, error-free ice-like mineral or glass
    Cupcakes a cupcake with frosting; brown or brown color works best; sweet and small

    Nicknames for Boy Dogs with Meaning


    Our furry friends deserve to have an appropriate nickname. This name should better reflect their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they have just joined. The list below is a great way to find the perfect name with the right value. Below the list, you will find tips and tricks that can help you with the naming process.

    Name Meaning
    ace Single, playing card
    Aladdin History and cartoon star
    Albo Derived from dog food
    Alcatraz famous american prison
    Alfie a version of the name “Alfred”; adviser, guide
    Ali Baba from the story “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”
    Alpaca Type of animal with soft fur
    Andrew it could be like Andrew the Great (wrestler)
    Summit On top
    Apollo destroyer; may be a reference to movies or Greek mythology; Space missions
    balboa famous movie character
    Baldwin Famous film and television actor
    Well the famous scoundrel of the Batman movies
    Bengal orange tiger type
    Bentley extravagant car made by Rolls Royce
    Benz Luxury car type
    Beowuf The oldest known history of man
    Berber Indigenous peoples of North Africa
    Snow storm Snow storm, perfect for huskies
    Boa type of snake
    bobo highly educated liberal
    Bogart Keep within yourself; also a well known actor
    Bomber the type of plane that drops bombs
    Buchi bookmaker’s office; often participates in gambling
    Borat Famous comic movie character
    Boris rival, warrior
    Brewster very human oriented
    Comrade friend, a very common dog name
    byron Lord Byron was a writer also known for his lavish and unbridled life.
    Kappi Short term for “captain”
    Casey Inflexible in war
    Kaspi from the Caspian Sea
    charlie Charlie Chaplin was a famous entertainer in early Hollywood
    Driver driver
    chewbacca Star Wars character (fluffy, brown)
    Klepton famous guitarist
    Conan Dog wolf
    Croquet Researcher name

    Tips for nicknames with value

    Choosing a dog name can be tricky and can take some time. Also, your pet’s name should be unique enough that dogs don’t get confused in the dog park. Also, we don’t want to give our dogs the same name that our friends used for their dogs. Names should also be preserved, as most dogs live for over 10 years. (You can always give the dog their common name and nickname…yes, if you can’t choose just one. Or choose a few names and give your family member a middle name as well.) We hope the list above of dog nicknames with meaning helped you choose a name for your dog.


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