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Pourquoi mon chien a le hoquet et comment le soulager ? 2023

    Hiccups are not a physical phenomenon unique to humans, dogs can hiccup too! Fight against your pet’s small annoyances by understanding the causes that lead him to hiccups.

    Just like humans, dogs , especially puppies, can get hiccups . This involuntary contraction of the diaphragm can happen suddenly and last for several minutes. In this case, you would like to ask your pooch to hold his breath, but unfortunately this is not possible. You don’t know how to react and start to worry? Do not panic, we explain to you how to make your dog’s hiccups pass more quickly!

    Why does my dog ​​have hiccups and how to relieve it

    The causes of hiccups in dogs

    There are several reasons that explain the attack of hiccups in a dog:

    • Your dog ate or drank too quickly. A gluttonous dog can often be prone to hiccups after feeding because he swallows a lot of air when eating or drinking.
    • He is scared or excited/annoyed. The increased heart rate increases the amount of air in the dog’s lungs and causes the hiccups to expel the air.
    • Your dog is cold. Small breed dogs are more sensitive to cold, which causes their diaphragm to tense and results in one or more hiccups.
    • He inhaled irritants. Cigarette smoke or certain spices can irritate your pet’s phrenic nerve.
    • He is sick . If your dog has hiccups for 24 hours , it could be the result of digestive, kidney, heart, or even respiratory issues. In this case, make an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible .


    Why does my dog ​​have hiccups and how can I relieve it?

    How to get rid of your dog’s hiccups?

    Generally, the hiccups pass on their own after a few minutes. If it lasts several hours, try to regulate your dog’s breathing by calming him down. To do this, relax him by gently massaging his chest in a dimly lit room. You can also give him a good bath!

    If your dog is a large canine and tends to hiccup after meals, place his bowls up high so he doesn’t have to bend down too much to eat or drink.

    Moreover, if your doggie is too greedy and swallows his food in one go, split his daily ration into three meals. You can also get a specific bowl   to force your dog to eat more slowly. Similarly, you can insert a tennis ball into his bowl to slow down the ingestion of his pâté or kibble.



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